‘Pai And Mash.’

What a strange confection this little town is.

A real ‘mash-up’  –  Aussies, Israelis , Brits, Swedes, tons of Thais, oh yes, and a number of our American cousins too.  A very large number!

I have often been perplexed by the much reported fact that less than half of American citizens own passports – this morning I was just pleased!

Admittedly, the type of Americans we encountered on this day were fresh out of High School – only ‘high’ and not so fresh!

Brash, bolshy and boisterous (obviously too many wheatgrass shakes)  and with no consideration for the odd geriatric hippy making an attempt at  some semblance of a meditative break-fast.  Andrew and I couldn’t hear ourselves think! There was nothing for it but an A.M. Chang – just to take the edge off.

We took the road less travelled (on foot at least, we were the only pedestrian traffic), out of Pai and upwards. We then stumbled upon a wonderful wat. With four hundred steps to climb!

Aimagenything to escape the tofu brigade!

This temple was both life affirming and leg firming.

The original architect had signed his name at the beginning of the ascent.image t

I doubt he would have signed-off in the same manner by the time he’d reached the summit.

It was calm, clear and, even better – ‘Yankee-doodle -band-free!’

image                                                A special moment – high in Pai.

But of course, as the Buddha recommended, balance is the key.

So tomorrow morning we’re heading off for the ubiquitous ‘English Breakfast’ at ‘Mr Big’s place’ and maybe a pie and mash.  Om………..

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  1. Really enjoying reading your blog – brings back such happy memories of our travels – not so much in Thailand although the places we have been priviledged to visit around the world have left an indelible wonderful mark – hope your memories will stay with you for ever xx


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