Down By The Riverside.


It isn’t often that a human being achieves and is fortunate  enough to have a truly authentic moment.


Well today, with the setting, the wildlife and my beautiful travelling companion – I had one.image


It was most moving – but I shall not bore you with the self- indulgent detail.

Suffice to say it was a glorious day.

Although my ‘tuk-tuk’ driver could have ‘thighed’ a little harder!



A glorious day, until, that is, I sampled ‘Mama Rose’s ‘ less than glorious noodle soup.

imageWithin three mouthfuls I felt like Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity!’ And, without the steadying hand of George Clooney, I didn’t perform quite as well.

Although, I could have won the Oscar for the best vomit in a supporting bowl!

Truly dreadful!

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