Don’t Touch The Noodle Soup!

Mama Rose’s noodle soup continued to cause ructions long into the night – our concrete bathroom resembled a scene from the exorcist by morning…………image                                                            – but at least I am now holding down my coffee – just!



Andrew, on the other hand, looks like a  Graf Zeppelin!

He is filled with so much gas that I’m concerned he may take off.

Still, on the upside, we could then use him as transport to travel back down the mountain and therefore avoid the ‘Herbie-esque’ mini van ride.


Along with the abdominal issues have I mentioned that we are both suffering from a serious case of man- flu?  One that I blame on the two young Korean lads seated next to us on the way up, who sniffled and snuffled their way throughout the entire journey.   Gracelessly expectorating  and without a handkerchief in sight.  I’m quite sure they infected the entire bus!

In the less than immortal words of Phil Collins, we have just ‘One More Night.’

Then it’s the end of living the ‘Pai-life’ for us.

This is a beautiful place populated with very few beautiful people. If we stay much longer we could develop a serious case of xenophobia!  How the incredibly patient hill-tribe people cope with these ill- mannered, abrasive adolescents is beyond me.  Quite a few of them would have had more than a banana pancake in the face by now if I were running a food-stall.  A knuckle sandwich comes to mind – organic of course!

Some guys just can’t handle their come-downs!

To escape the misery we headed for a Thai massage – the only happy ending being the total relaxation imageand joy we felt when the lovely ladies had finished their pummelling.







Relaxed and chilled we returned to the wifi in our hut to discover we had lost two ‘likes’ from our Facebook page!

Must have been the Russians I spoke of in a previous blog.


Oh well – Dasvidania, as they now say in The Crimea!

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