Bohemian Rhapsody (in the key of Morris Minor).

Good grief!

We are now in recovery from the journey from hell.image

Four hours; 702 hairpin bends; vertiginous for most of the way.

The engine, equivalent to that of a ‘Morris Minor,’ coughed and spluttered her way down the mountainside emitting so much carbon as to make all the recycling we do at home completely redundant! I’m sure our beautiful planet had warmed half a degree by the time we hit the valley floor!

The stereo in the van blasted out ‘Daddy Cool!’

The driver, however, was not as cool as daddy. When ”Mamma Mia’ began to play as we hit the ‘Pits Stop’ we shared the same sentiment as Agnetha & Freida!

‘My, My – Why Did We Get On This?’

Next time I’m booking the bus tickets! Andrew has a wonderful knack of getting us the worst seats with the worst possible driver!

After a brief layover, we hit the road again. This time the soundtrack was ‘Queen’s’ Bohemian Rhapsody! Our driver took Freddie’s lead and,quoting another song from Mr Mercury’s back-catalogue, we travelled ‘through the sky like lady Godiva!’ There was certainly no stopping him!

Now back in civilisation – still spinning and shuddering from our roller coaster ride, we’re off to the cinema to see Ms Streep and co in ‘Into The Woods.



I just hope we can focus, as the tickets were fourteen quid each!

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