The Last Midnight!

Having not even found our ‘bus-legs’ we entered the cinema in Northern Thailand with surprise, dizziness and a little trepidation.

After all, we were going ‘Into The Woods.’

imageWe went first class – just like the film.

Cocktails and popcorn included!Non-alcoholic of course, that is until someone spirited a little illicit ‘7/11’ vodka into the brew.

‘Mixology’ I believe they call it.

It was a potion with which Meryl’s witch would certainly have approved!

imageHow brilliant!

To see a filmed musical that mostly worked – for once!

It must have been fairly well performed or neither of us would have stayed awake after our perilous descent!

If you have any parental issues I suggest you take a hankie!

imageAlso if you have any Chris Pine issues I’d take one too!

Sometimes it’s charming to be raised!


And so it’s now time for US to go ‘Into The Woods’ – well up the Mekong actually.

I do hope Andrew will be a slightly better travelling companion tomorrow. Today,  he has had the constitution of a Victorian lady with an attack of the vapours! I blame it on the bus!

And the ‘Dramamine!’

But tonight is definitely our ‘Last Midnight’ here – the bus tickets have been booked – BY ME!



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