Mia Sallow!

Here we are!

imageWell after another highly enjoyable, ‘big-dipper’ bus trip – we have made it to The Golden Triangle. Which looks neither golden nor triangular at present but that could be because of my miserable condition!

I still haven’t shaken off the bug I contracted from our young Korean mates on the bus to Pai – in fact, added to the ‘Noodle Soup Incident’ , and the home-made hair massacre, it has slightly knocked me for six – well, twelve actually!

Andrew has attempted to cheer me by likening me to a young Mia Farrow.

Gamine and elfin I, innocently, took this to mean.

Then Mr Kennedy clarified his point – what he actually meant was I reminded him of the actress as the eponymous heroine, Rosemary, in Mr Polanski’s infamous 60s film!image

He has a point – but at least I’m not pregnant!    Well not yet anyway ….

Although I do believe anything is possible in this strange part of the world.

I have been taking the ‘erb’ and the potion that Andrew has insisted will help my condition, yet so far there is no improvement, I seem to have worsened.



So this evening, Sister  Kennedy decided the best thing for me was a good walk.  He advised we took a stroll into the inky night.  Deftly avoiding man-holes minus their covers and roaming dogs, certainly not minus their teeth, we ended up, not for the first time, amongst a multitude of pansies!

Surreal is not the word – we came upon a huge grotto, a fragrantly camp garden filled with every kind of perfume-laden, headily – scented blooms you can imagine – Lilies, Roses, Hyacinths, all gaudily, yet professionally planted.

Set amidst the blooms stood several giant floral fairies – some of them looking decidely miserable.image

For me, sadly, it it was all a scent-less mid-snotty dream –  and I’m certain Shakespeare would have cast better looking ‘Brownies’ in his version.

But then, who’s ‘Mia’ to judge?  I wouldn’t even get the part of  ‘Bottom’ with my current appearance – with any kind of company!

Even ‘Eros’, who wasn’t the butchest sprite in the garden, took one look at me and turned his bow in the opposite direction.image

But I am not surprised for  even poor old  Rosemary looked slightly more glamorous and definitely healthier than I presently do.

So our one night in this strange Chinese hotel in a particularly unfashionable district of town, adjacent to what we now realise is a very active building site, has had to be prolonged – at least until I can stand up!image


Oh well! That’s it! I guess there’s nothing for it but a little more ‘Tannis Root’!

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