On The Trail Of Ho Chi ‘Mean’ !

A good expedition always requires careful planning – much like sex when one gets to middle age – so I’m told!

So with just six weeks to go before Andrew and I pull on our back packs and front out some of the lesser known dives of South East Asia, (both marine and otherwise),  I thought it was time I planned a vague, kind-of, voyage.

This route is always used as a guide, never rigid or over-itinerised. That would preclude too many accidents occuring along the way,  most of them happy.

If I left the mapwork to Andrew we could end up anywhere.  Geography is most definitely not the strongest point on his inner compass.

He is still of the opinion that Switzerland is in Scandanavia, despite me regularly pointing out the difference between an Elk and an Alp!

3818_-_Riffelberg_-_Matterhorn_viewed_from_Gornergratbahn epoch_moose

A Moose.                                                                          A Matterhorn!

Plus, with Mr Kennedy in charge, we could end up with anyone!

There have been numerous occasions, during our past travels, when my partner has got us partnered with some quite unsavoury companions.  Stuck up the Mekong with not even  a paddle for comfort!

Still, a little of that kind of thing makes for a whole lot of adventure.

At times.

So, in an attempt to not get ‘Shanghai’ed’ in Hanoi , or banged up in Bangkok, I have acquired a biro from the ‘Chino’ shop, (only appropriate), and begun to draw an unsteady path through that exotic and unfamiliar part of the world which shimmers, jewel-like, between India and China.



Our Rough Passage!

Anyone that knows us, has probably noticed, that we spend quite a lot of time on the piste. This time, we plan to stray much further off it!

It is always good to check out a new passage.

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam – maybe even China (if they let us in).

Well, with no slog, there is no blog.

With that in mind, as well as including the obvious places on the touristic ‘bucket and spade’ list, I have also sneaked in a few more, shall we say,  simplistic spots.

With what I have planned, elements of the journey could be renamed  ‘The Ho Chi Mean Trail’.   Or ‘Angkor What !!!’

These should provide a few colourful moments.  I have never thought it a good idea to rest on one’s rucksack.

When taking a trip,  I would always favour a Captain Hook over  a  Thomas Cook.  After all, for  a performer, there is very little difference between treading the boards and walking the plank.  Both precarious occupations where one is surrounded by sharks and pirates .

So easy to go overboard.

And barrels of make-up!


Pieces Of ‘No.7’ !

Andrew and I are firm believers in dipping our toes into uncharted waters.

Even if one gets the odd bite, it’s usually well worth it.


67cb9ecc-c8c6-426f-a85d-8ebb00cade7dThis part of the world.  The land colonial France forgot, is unfamiliar to us.

So we are intending to get off the beaten boulevard and hit the rue less travelled.


Nothing tepid, for we’re not trepid.

In truth, we just love getting into hot water.


It’s how we got where we are today!

Wish us ‘Bonne Chance’!



  1. I hope you have a wonderful time! I cant wait for the stories you tell so well.
    I love the way you write, gives me great pleasure on the dark Dutch winternights!
    Safe travels and lots of love,
    Emmy’s auntie 😉


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