Birds Of A Feather.

Back in ‘Blighty’ for the first time since spring and  Andrew and I seem to have brought the spanish  sunshine with us.   As torrential storms batter the Costa Del Sol, we have been more fortunate – basking in the warm glow of a beautiful british autumn.

imageWe are returning to our home shores for a mini UK Lola Boy tour – Seddlescombe, Hastings, London, Liverpool, Emsworth and Brighton.

Beyoncé eat your heart out !


We began our trip in Battle.  That famous spot where good King Harold famously came unstuck, or rather unseated.

We had a booking for a private show to celebrate a wonderful lady’s 70th birthday at a quaint village hotel close to the town.

Of course, as is always the case when Andrew and I are preparing for a performance, we had a little skirmish all of our own.  A sort of, ‘Lola Boys’ Battle Of Hastings !image

One of us had forgotten to pack something or other, as is usually the case, once we’ve opened the case!  Andrew blamed me, and of course, I was certain it was his fault.

Fortunately, there was no bow and arrow nearby, or one of us would have no doubt suffered the same fate as that of  poor King Harry.  image

It could have been one in the eye for Andy !

I was still angry with him for flirting outrageously with a handsome frenchman  on the flight over – one Norman invasion he was far too keen on in my opinion.

The show went without a hitch or an injury however, and we then moved on to visit our old friends who reside nearby.

Peacetime resumed and we spent a wonderful time reminiscing and recounting bygone drama school dramas.  All terribly theatrical – and theatrically terrible later on, after we all consumed a little too much of the wine of friendship!

It is always so good to catch up with old amigos that know you far too well – Juliet is truly a touchstone.  And in this case, a touch stoned.  Marvellous.

Then to our old stomping ground – London Town, and a brief stopover with lovely Cousin Lucy in S.E.6.  imagePie and mash with lashings of liquor – followed by more lashings of liquor, only this time in pint glasses.


When we first arrived in Catford a few years back, this part of London had literally gone to the dogs.  imageNow the dog track has been put down and replaced with trendy ‘affordable’ housing – a two bedroom apartment, a mere snip, at four hundred grand !


Kennels for the posher pooch !

Wednesday evening saw us taking a taxi to Pinewood Studios to see the filming of a great british sitcom, starring our great friend Lesley.


Unfortunately the green room was awash with free beer prior to the programme, and being unable to resist,  Andrew found himself cross-legged for much of the recording,  just managing to nip out during a quick hiatus in filming for a ‘Jimmy Riddle.’

The biggest riddle to me is why he always manages to imbibe so much liquid prior to situations where he knows there will be an inconvenience when ready to expel it!

Aircraft are a common problem for him .

Although he may suffer from water retention post-flight, there is certainly no retaining it whilst belted in up onboard!

After the show we attended a small gathering in celebration of the last episode of the series, and twenty six years of the show’s first airing.

imageMore hops drinking ensued and Andrew was forced, (the facilities now closed), to relieve himself round the back of the famous set where the latest James Bond flick, ‘Spectre’,  has just been  filmed, making a right ‘spectre-cal’  of himself !

Lesley and I pretended not to notice and made for the car quickly, fearful of being chastised by ‘M’.

And now we head for Liverpool.

On route, I find myself most amused on the train when using the lavatory. The recorded announcement reminds me that along with  nappies, paper towels and sanitary pads,  one should refrain from chucking one’s car keys, old jumpers and lost hopes and dreams down the  pan too.

It seems as though someone on Virgin Rail has a sense of humour.  But then I should have realised that when I saw how much they’d charged us for a bloody ticket !

The same price on a budget airline could have got us to New York’s east side – as opposed to the north west’s Merseyside !  
But hey, I shan’t complain,  as it is always a pleasure to ride on a smooth Virgin engine, and even more of one to spend time in ‘The Pool’.  image

A crafty puff !

We find the ‘Scousers’ unremittingly welcoming, so we always look forward to our shows here.

During this little trip we shall also be celebrating a big anniversary – that of our spanish nuptials.

We cannot believe that it is three years since we held the occasion down at our favourite haunt on the beach with our friends and the family that could make it.


T’was a blast.

We shall be celebrating in Brighton next week with a rare trip to the pictures to see Daniel Craig strutting his stuff as the gorgeous James Bond goes into action once again.


Like Mr Bond we have been both shaken and stirred over the years, but we remain  true  birds of a feather.  Still sharing the same nest, albeit rather small and prickly at times !

Hopefully we’ll be flocking together for some time to come.

I shall let you know – the rest of the tour ain’t over yet.

Time to get to work.  Feather the nest.

And, as they say, it’s not over til the Lolaboy sings – or something like that !

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