‘Adam’s Apples!’

After all the culture we’ve had we thought it was only correct to sample some of the less salubrious parts of town.

So, with much research, we ended up in a club entitled ‘Adam’s Apple’!

Not quite as biblical as the title suggests!


The first act consisted of a striptease artimageiste – only without the strip or any of the tease.

Our poor beautiful heterosexual mate Dave had to endure a large penis, ready to ‘love him long time’ , nearer his face than he could ever have imagined!

The second act, ‘Batman’ – the caped crusader – well almost ….

imageHoly erection Robin!’

And then……. ‘The Cop’ with a truncheon that had a life of it’s own.

None of it particularly arresting though…….

The whole night was rather odd, especially the ‘Pat Butcher’ oriental Madame who was running the joint.  She looked rather familiar and terribly stern.  Then we realised she’d been at the women’s prison yesterday – pummelling Andrew!

And – when she asked me how I made my living and I explained it was in a rather similar way to ‘herself’ – she thawed!


In fact – she gave us a discount!


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