White Knuckle Shuffling!

Well, after a cab ride that made Lewis Hamilton look slow, weaving and speeding causing skid-marks everywhere – even on the road – we got to our plane. A smart ‘AirAsia’ jet emblazoned with the slogan ‘Everybody Can Fly’ – they were correct, at least this time. There were a few bumps which caused some of the Chinese passengers a little turbulence but we, however, were perfectly calm. Perhaps the traditional aviational cocktail of Gin and Valium had a little to do with that! Suffice to say we landed.

We are now holed-up in a small very friendly guest house in the heart of the historic city of Chiang Mai Rai. Friendly that is, apart from the group of gruff Muscovites who have just given me the filthiest look since I used up all of Andrew’s hair wax once! Still who wants to make friends with people in gold stillies and green hotpants ? And that’s just the fellas!

To be continued……


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