On The River Ping (Pong)!

After my hideous Russian experience, Andrew and I made our way through Chinatown to the riverbank. There I met a monk in need of spiritual guidance, and, having consumed more spirits then most, I felt I was the perfect candidate to advise. Sadly he would not listen – and insisted pink and orange robes can be worn together, especially if your a novice Buddhist monk! There’s non- judgement for you! Or rather – no judgement!

His demeanour, however, was both charming and enviable. I may have to join a monastery on the morrow ……… As long as I can teem my pink robe with a little black hem. Otherwise what would Lola say?……..


Categories: The Lola Boys


  1. You wouldn’t fit in a monastery Paul………they would kick you out within a day hihihihi
    But you’re the best adviser darl xxoxoxo


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