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I intended to stop blogging it up when I signed off on ‘The Lola Boys Out East’.  At  the end of our recent Oriental adventure I was clear it was time to hang up the lap-top – the story had come to a natural conclusion.   However, I have since changed my mind – or should I say, had it changed for me.

I was flattered when my writer’s ego was massaged by several readers of the previous blog  who let me know, in person, and electronically, that they would miss news of ‘The Lola Boys’ adventures.  This has lead me to make the decision to continue with my musings – after all, Andrew and I do seem to have an amazing knack of getting into the most interesting scrapes, whether wearing a backpack or not.  Also, keeping myself out of trouble by spending a little time each week, extrapolating, can only be…

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