Jodhpur-Some Like It Not!


Jodhpur has exceeded expectations, in almost every way. It’s been one hell of a ride!

This has to be the ‘Badmington Horse Trials’ of India. One has to fly over such hurdles and negotiate the most frightening water jumps just to make it down the street.

But it is so worth it. There is an authenticity here that is wondrous, even if one does pick up a couple of faults over the course. I’ve nearly broken my ankle four times which has not amused Mr Kennedy, who’s accused me a being a silly filly more than once.

‘Bugger you’ I’ve said in my best Camilla Parker Bowles accent. ‘At least I got us to the farking place!’

Living beneath the majestic Mehrangargh Fort, has been magnificent.

Gazing up at this historic beauty from our room has been a real treat. Quite magical. Andrew has actually taken the side of the…

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