The Blog Begins – Avoiding The ‘Bang-cough’ !

We have arived in Bangkok to begin our latest adventure in the far east and so my blog begins…..


It is the fifth time Andrew and I have visited this strange and exotic city and again we are struck by the mix of hedonism and tradition that pervade the place. It is like a bordello, where one can have whatever one fancies, but must be aware that the ultra strict madame is watching like a hawk, ready to come down like a ton of brick Buddhas on anyone who should dare to break the many rules.

A very constrained type of hedonism.

Wonderful if one enjoys constraints! And by the marks on the wrists and ankles of some of the punters leaving the numerous establishments which cater for such amusement – many do!
imageIt is not just the dirty old man brigade who congregate here for such diversion. Balding, spotty, overweight youth, who would find it near impossible to swing a ride on the local ‘bike’ in their home town, jump onto the saddle here like Sir Bradley Wiggins on speed.


Of course, I do not judge. I have had many conversations with working ‘girls’ who assure me they would rather be employed in this manner than pick rice, in backbreaking fashion, from dusk til dawn. Looking at some of their customers, I think I’d rather suffer with a touch of lumbago! But hey, I’ve never picked rice! I’m sure that after a day or two in the paddy fields, I’d move to the capital to make capital on my back too !

However, as I have a rather nasty case of manflu, no doubt due to the long ‘brawl’ flight Andrew and I have just shared, sex is most definitely off the menu. I have had to ban cock whilst in bangkok! We need all our strength for the trip ahead.

So for the next few days we plan to take it easy.  I am determined not to succumb to the dreaded ‘Bang-imagecough’ which nearly killed my mother on our last expedition here.   So, currently I am reclining on a sunbed fiddling with my itinerary surrounded by a  ring of resting ‘Romeos’, and I can just see Andrew, through my prism of phlegm, pretending to do something industrious in the gym.  Yes – easy does it…

Although,  I have just heard about a very interesting night-spot involving 6.6 black men and randy Japanese lady tourists.  As Andrew and I are such keen anthropologists a visit to this show seems far too good to miss.  I have persuaded our friends, David and Michelle to accompany us there this evening.  So, as I recover during the day, a possible relapse is on the cards once the sun, or someone’s son, goes down!



Oh well, you only live once, or twice as they believe here, and as this is also known as ‘The City Of Angels’ I am quite confident we shall be adequately protected.

For the more high-brow readers following this blog, (both of you!), fear not, some culture will follow.  By that, I do not mean Penicillin!  There will no doubt be more sophisticated experiences along the way.

But for now, with or without my ‘male malady’, we plan to make gay while the moon shines,  After all, when in Rome….

I only hope we don’t get fed to the lions.

They’ll eat anything here!


  1. So glad your back in the Land of Smiles…you are just what the doctor ordered for me today. I have been a tad bit blue…reading your blog lifts my spirits, and brings a smile to my face. Keep those cards and letters coming. Feel better. Kisses to you both!


  2. Now that made me laugh!! As also suffering from a nasty dose of hacking cough and cold think you may have exported your germs from the “Costa” – enjoy xx


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