What’s a Wat ?  I hear you think . Well  it’s a temple to you lot …… And the location today was spectacular.

I’m always chastising Andrew for his lack of etiquette in religious places and at the dinner table!

Here, however, there were numerous boxes in which you could/should deposit 20 Baht (40p). Then you could do as you wish, by that I mean take photographs etc. ( not urinate behind thebiggest clump of Chrysanthemum!)

imageActually if you entered through the slightly grander entrance the suggestion was 30 Baht – the monks obviously charge more if you want to go in through the front!

When inside it was , de- flip-flopped, a moment of genuine stillness.

Although I still think one of them may have had a thing for me , but then, I always do!

Categories: The Lola Boys

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