Jumbo Chic.

Koh Chang. Eastern Thailand named after the elephant not the famous Thai beer as Andrew and I had hopefully suspected ! Apparently this beautiful island is the shape of a ‘Chang’, the Thai nomenclature for that great gentle beast. And if Koh Chang is the ‘Elephant Isle’ then we are definitely staying off the trunk road. We have been extremely fortunate to find a colourful hippy hideaway on the ‘wrong’ side of the island, therefore keeping the right kind of people away ! It is the brainchild of Orla, a wild-haired, Jewish, hippy-chick, with a blinding smile and an obvious fondness for life, and Greg, her graceful, soft spoken lover, who posesses ear piercings through which one could drive a golf ball. He is also decorated with intricate tatoos,  not the only designs he would have on his body if Andrew got his way ! They are a charming couple. This place is their home. It’s gotta be the coolest hangout around. Peaceful and serene, yet vibrant.  The only other guests are giant, lurid totems, with personalities all of their own, somewhat reminiscent of a happy house party on Easter Island.                                                              Far out ….. One never feels alone when strolling the grounds of an evening.  The other night, I could […]

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